Grounding Exercises

Grounding is a way of helping you to gain some distance from your thoughts, feelings, and memories by bringing you back to the present moment. It helps you to get back in touch with what is happening around you right now, and to train your mind and brain to stay in the present. Grounding can also help you to find a balance between feeling overwhelmed by emotions and being out of touch with them.

1) Take notice of the present moment: 5 4 3 2 1.

  • 5  things you can see arround you
  • 4 things you can touch
  • 3 things you can hear
  • 2 things you can smell
  • 1 thing you can taste

Exercises like this bring you back into your body and present moment, rather than being in your worry / thinking brain.

2) Develop a Grounding phrase

A grounding phrase is made up of a few words which are positive and remind you that you are surviving in the present. A gounding phrase acknowledges the feelings you are experiencing, such as  fear or panic, and also reminds you  that you are safe now.

For example, you may use the phrase "I am feeling frightenend and I am safe now". The word "and" is important here. This is sometimes called dual awareness - being aware of 2 different things at the same time. Alternatively, you may want to use the statement that reminds you of your strengths, such as "I have survived the past and I am safe now".


Breathing exercise

If you're sitting or standing, place both feet flat on the ground, roughly hip width apart.

  • Let your breath flow as deep down into your lower belly as is comfortable, without forcing it.
  • Try breathing in through your nose and out through your nose.
  • Breathe in gently for the count of three.
  • Then, without pausing or holding your breath, let it flow out gently, counting to six or eight, a longer slower outbreath.
  • Repeat 2 or 3 times

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