Our Vision, Our Values




image depicting vision

To create strong, healthy, happy communities and sustainable health services are at the heart of our Primary Care Network.

Our vision is to work together to achieve sustainable high-quality general practice, to maintain and improve local services for the population we serve. It is for the people of Mid Devon to realise their potential to live happy and healthy lives across all ages; where the diverse needs of our local communities are met, now and in the future; personal wellbeing, social cohesion and inclusion are championed and there are equal health opportunities for all.

This is our vision – we want it to be your vision too.

Together, let’s make it work!


Our mission sets out how we intend to achieve this vision.

There is strength in numbers, so we have brought together a number of GP practices to form the Mid Devon Healthcare Primary Care Network. Our aim is to provide the highest standard of care for all of our patients, so those who are less visible in our communities - those with frailty, or whose mobility is restricted and those with physical and/or psychological illness - can receive the same high standard of care that our more mobile patients receive when they visit their individual practices.

As a Primary Care Network we will also work with and alongside other services, groups and individuals to achieve our vision, including: health providers; social care; the voluntary sector; community groups; and local communities, to make the best use of available resources, so that everyone gets the right support or care, in the right place and at the right time.

To help achieve our mission we will focus on four key themes: Sustainability; Identity; Delivery; and Effective Organisation.

  • Sustainability: We will work with partners and local people to co-design services and provide the capability and leadership to create a sustainable system of care that will create wellness and add value. This is about creating the means in our communities to make the right connections between key providers and local people so that our vision and mission are achieved.
  • Local Identity: We will improve access to the resources local people need so that they can lead healthier lives through a strengthened and well-connected network of independent primary care providers. This is about the primary care leadership understanding their local communities and working together to remove barriers and waste, allowing the best to thrive and the struggling to be supported, so that the whole registered population gets a better deal.
  • Delivery: We will deliver and maintain high quality inspirational primary care services that will set standards and test new approaches. We will use effective information technology to support communication and the delivery of care and services. This is about making real what is possible.
  • Effective Organisation: We will build an organisation that is collaborative, effective, responsive, safe, efficient, and well led, with a sense of ownership by our communities and wider stakeholders: partners and local people. This is about creating an exciting organisation, that gets things done, and goes about things in the right way and will make Mid Devon a great place to live and to work.

Our Values

We at Mid Devon Healthcare Primary Care Network have chosen four values to guide us in all of our decisions and actions and these are:

  • Collaboration: We achieve more by working together and with our local communities and stakeholders
  • Innovation: We try new ways of working, without fear and we reflect on and learn from our actions
  • Functionality: We focus on work that is beneficial for patients and practitioners
  • Community: Compassion and the care of local people are at the heart of everything we do